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  • Jenna Cox-Hadley

Development, Edits, Grants, oh my!

Wait for Her was an NMTC semi finalist this year (out of ~400 scripts!)-- and did I mentioned it was a semi finalist for SheNYC last year as well?

Since the Wait for Her Concert at Green Room 42, Wait for Her has been undergoing the riveting process that we all LOVE to do: editing the script (I prefer to call it refining) and submitting the show to festivals, grant opportunities, workshops, and more.

While all this has been ongoing, I (Jenna) have taken the show to Nashville Writers Rounds and open mics to test Wait for Her's songs in Music City and see how the non-theater community reacts to it. And it sure has been positive! "You've got something there," is the line I keep hearing from industry professionals. So I'm working to expand the audience for this show by releasing singles (and an album in 2024) as Jenna Vivacora, and let the many projects I'm working on bolster each other as they all move forward!


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