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the musical

Ava is a young architect who strives to build the future, but first she needs to rebuild herself. She faces her symptoms of PTSD from sexual assault and works to move from surviving to thriving. With the help of a supportive, but fumbling, group of friends and mentors, Ava ultimately finds her voice again and realizes the future she was always trying to build.


Join Ava's journey

A new skyline is going up, and Ava intends to follow it to the top! Between building the future, earning her black belt, and a date with her cute college crush, it seems like Ava is living her best life. Just as she dives deeper into her pursuits, unspoken trauma threatens to unravel everything. To save her future, Ava’s friends and mentors must work together to educate themselves and support her in the pursuit of her goals. Written and composed by rising musical theatre visionary, Jenna Cox-Hadley, Wait for Her is a musical as intelligent and researched as it is masterful and entertaining.


the creator

Jenna Cox-Hadley is the composer, lyricist, and playwright for Wait for Her, an original musical. 

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